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    Five Tips to (Finally) Get your Garage Organized

    There’s perhaps no organizing task more daunting than the garage—it’s often the dumping ground for the stuff that has no other place in the house, or the things you don’t use but just can’t bring yourself to toss. How do you know you’ve got a problem? Maybe you’ve noticed it’s getting harder and harder just […]

    July 15, 2019

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    July 2019 “Give Back” Referral Rewards

    We would like to thank the following people for referring to us in June: Linda Dabelstein Yangsheng Fu Karl Johnson Beth Kinuthia Rebecca Mitsui Mary Jane Murphy Armando Obien Sandra Robb Igor Shtokalo Katrina Stuckey X2 Each of the referrers will receive either a $10 gift card. A matching $20 donation for each June referral totaling […]

    July 11, 2019

  • A & M's Stinky the Skunk

    Stinky’s Riddles July 2019

    Are you smarter than Stinky? I am a fruit. If you take away the first letter of my name I become a crime. Take away the first two letters of my name I become an animal. Take away the first and last letter of my name and I become a form of music. What am […]

    July 11, 2019

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    Raspberry Cream Pie

    Raspberry season peaks in July in the Pacific Northwest. Are you ready? INGREDIENTS CRUST 1-1/2 cups crushed vanilla wafers (about 45 wafers) 1/3 cup chopped pecans 1/4 cup butter, melted FILLING: 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened 2/3 cup confectioners’ sugar 2 tablespoons orange liqueur 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or real vanilla 1 cup […]

    July 8, 2019

  • photo of construction worker

    Home Improvements- Hiring a Contractor?

    Are you considering hiring someone for a home improvement project?  Have you ever heard a home improvement horror story?  If not, ask around there are plenty of them. That is why it is so important to protect yourself while hiring a contractor. But where can you can go for help? The Washington Department of Labor […]

    July 8, 2019

  • photo of grilled cauliflower

    It’s Grilling Season, So Turn Up the Heat and Get Your Sides On!

    We just passed the mark of the starting of summer which means it’s officially GRILLING SEASON! American’s love their charcoal and gas grills and fancy electric, gas or pellet smokers to sizzle up or slow roast their favorite meats or vegetables. Some folks even love to go the non-conventional route and cold smoke cheeses or […]

    June 26, 2019

  • child at the beach

    How to Make Your Family Vacation a Great One

    Summer is here, which means it’s time to think about family vacations! (If you haven’t been thinking about them all year, that is.) The family part of family vacations, however, can make things a little complicated. You want to choose a destination that is fun for everyone, including the kids. You want to ensure they’re […]

    June 26, 2019

  • Stinky the Skunk logo

    Stinky’s Riddles June 2019

    Are you smarter than Stinky? Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I? Email your answers to Stinky by July 8, 2019 and if you are correct then you will be entered in a drawing for your choice of either a $10 Starbucks’s gift card, or $10 Regal entertainment card. Solution to the May […]

    June 12, 2019

  • Six Tips for Taking Your Pets on the Road

    For many of us, a vacation just wouldn’t be the same without our four-legged companions. The U.S. Travel Association reports that 18% of adult leisure travelers now take Fido or Fifi with them when they hit the road. Unfortunately, 98% of pets aren’t properly restrained​ in the car, according to the pet safety group, Bark Buckle […]

    June 12, 2019

  • Annual Food Drive- 2019

    A & M Insurance is partnering with Northwest Harvest June 15th thru July 31st Help us close the summer meal gap. Children throughout our state will begin summer vacation this month.  Although children look forward to the fun and freedom that time out of school brings, for a surprising number it also means missing meals. […]

    June 11, 2019