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Because Two Is Better than One

SmartRide is a mobile app Telematics plan

If you decide to participate then your auto policy premium will include a 15% participation discount during the first policy term. You are given the opportunity to earn up to a 40% discount.   The app is only active for 85 days.   Each driver earns a discount during that 85 days which is then averaged between all drivers for a final discount.  That final discount is then applied at the next renewal. The app measures mileage, night driving, idle time, hard-braking and rapid acceleration. Nationwide indicates that the average earned discount is 21%. 

 If you decide to sign up then Nationwide will send you a link to download the free SmartRide app to all driver ’s smart phones. You then activate the app and drive your car. Once you confirm the trip on your phone your participation has started. You will be able to see a dashboard in the app or portal that shows the discount you are on track to earn at the end of 85 days participation. 


SmartMile is a Pay-Per-Mile Program  

With SmartMile you would need to plug in the telematics device(s) that Nationwide sends you into all of your enrolled vehicles. The device(s) monitor miles driven so that if you exceed the estimated miles in a prior month then your next monthly charge will vary. If you are taking a road trip, only the first 250 miles count on a single day.

You also have the opportunity to earn up to a 10% discount for your safe driving behaviors. Hard-braking/rapid acceleration, night-time driving, and the number of stops on each trip are all considered. That earned discount is then applied at the next renewal.

 The program allows you to log into the SmartMile portal  at anytime to see how you are doing.

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