Mobile appRightTrack is Safeco’s Mobile App Telematics plan.

How does RightTrack work?

First, you need to ask your Safeco agent to sign you up for RightTrack. You will then receive a request to agree to the enrollment and a link to download the RightTrack app onto all participating driver’s smartphones. Make sure to forward the activation codes you are sent to all the participating drivers on your policy.
Once you have registered in the App with the activation code you will then receive an immediate 10% participation discount on your auto policy. Over the next 90 days, you are given the opportunity to earn up to a 30% permanent discount. The app on your phone then observes your driving habits to reward you for the safe choices you’re making on the road.
The specific behaviors measured by RightTrack are:
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Night-time driving
  • Total miles driven (must exceed 125 miles total to be eligible)

During the entire 90 days of participation, you are able to log in to the RightTrack dashboard and see what discount you are on track to earn. After the 90 day review period is completed RightTrack averages the discount between all the drivers on the policy whether they participated or not.  That final discount percentage is sent to Safeco to replace the 10% participation discount and is automatically applied to your policy. You can then delete the App. Safeco cannot penalize you for poor driving and in the very worst case, you are guaranteed to receive a 5% permanent discount for having participated in the program. The end result is a final discount between 5% and 30% that permanently remains on the policy.

A common question asked is “What if I was a passenger and not the driver but because my phone was with me the App thinks I was driving?”  The app will prompt you to confirm if you were driving. You are able to track your trips through the app and are given a week to edit whether you were the driver of each listed trip.

RightTrack Pros:

  • RightTrack rewards policyholders for their safe driving habits.
  • It’s free to enroll and easy to participate in – and everyone’s guaranteed a final discount of at least 5%.
  • It is a simple way to save on your premium without installing a device in their vehicle. By using a smartphone app and not needing to plug in a device more people can participate. Not all vehicles are eligible to have a telematics device plugged in.  Electric vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, and older vehicles without OBD-II Ports cannot participate in programs requiring a device
  • The monitoring of your driving is temporary. Completing the program takes only 90 days.
  • You are guaranteed a discount between 5% and 30%.
  • Better yet, there’s no surcharge for poor driving and the discount is permanent and lasts for the life of the policy.
  • Because it has been shown to improve participants long term driving habits it can be a great tool for parents to use with their teenage children to help them develop safer driving habits.

RightTrack Cons:

  • Because all drivers contribute to the final earned discount this means that the final averaged discount will be lower if not all drivers on the policy participate. The more who participate, the higher the potential savings.
  • All participating drivers must have a unique email address and a compatible smartphone with GPS location capabilities: iPhone running minimum iOS 11.0 (iPhone 5s or newer) and Android running minimum OS 5.0 (Lollipop)


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