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Company Logo for Hagerty Insurance - Renton WAFor people who love classic cars and boats.

It’s all about passion. Hagerty has grown to be the global leader for collector car and boat insurance but is still a family business built on a love for the hobby.

Hagerty’s passion drives them to keep improving their product and to give their clients the best service imaginable, a passion we share here at A & M Insurance®.

People trust Hagerty with their most prized possessions because they get it. It’s all about memories and dreams: The ’69 Camaro you wanted since you were a kid. The Chris Craft boat you inherited from your granddad. Even that vintage Triumph motorcycle you used to impress your future wife. Hagerty protect the physical connections to the best moments in your life.

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About Hagerty Insurance

Frank and Louise Hagerty started out as personal lines insurance agents. But their true passion was vintage boats and classic cars, and they had a problem: they couldn’t find insurance coverage for their treasured wooden boats.

So, in 1984, Frank and Louise invented their own. Out of the family basement, they launched the first Agreed Value policy for boats, completely changing the way collector boats were insured. This specialty coverage was a big hit, and within a few years, half of all vintage boat owners were Hagerty clients.

Then, in ’91 they decided that classic cars deserved better coverage too, and they introduced the first specialty auto policy that combined Agreed Value, flexible usage and in-house claims handling.

Over three decades, Hagerty has become the worldwide leaders of collector car and boat insurance. Their passion for the hobby and the firm belief that their clients deserve the best has kept us innovative every step of the way. And things just keep getting better.

Why Hagerty Insurance?

With over 25 years of experience, innovation and passion, Hagerty has earned its place as the worldwide leader of collector car and boat insurance. Here’s what makes Hagerty special:

Great Product

Collectors are all Hagerty insures; every aspect of its policy focuses on your needs. With its unique Guaranteed Value, low premiums and key extras like roadside assistance and spare parts coverage, Hagerty’s policy keeps you doing what you love without worry or hassle.

Strong Partners

Hagerty only forms partnerships with proven performers like A & M Insurance®. All companies have financial ratings of A (Excellent) or better.

Focus on Satisfaction

Hagerty’s Net Promoter Score—a measure of client satisfaction—is unmatched in the industry, putting it in an elite group of best-in-class service organizations such as Costco, Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom and Zappos.

Specialists on Call

Whether you need help with your insurance policy, determining vehicle value, understanding legislation that affects the hobby, or advice on repairing your classic, Hagerty is a company full of experts and is happy to help.

Outstanding Claims Experience

Hagerty and A & M Insurance® are totally committed to fast, quality service. Hagerty’s adjusters have hands-on training in classic car repair, and they even have a part specialist on staff to help clients find rare parts.

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