Insurance for the pipes in your home

plumber repairing broken pipeMost people want to know if a pipe within their home freezes and bursts or starts leaking if it is covered by their home insurance policy.  In general, the damage the water does to your home from a pipe that bursts suddenly will be covered by a standard homeowners and commercial insurance policy.  But remember, not all insurance policies are alike and each property owner should take the time to check for coverage either by calling their agent or reading their specific policy. Almost always damage caused to your home from repeated leakage and seepage over time is excluded.  Even more bad news is that home policies do not typically afford any coverage to the damaged pipes themselves. So the property owner is responsible for the repair or replacement of the broken pipes and any of those associated plumber costs.

The average lifespan of copper pipes is about 60 years. Unfortunately, acidic water or soil can cause pitting-type corrosion and shorten the lifespan to 20 years or less. Also, other combinations of alkaline ph, hardness, and contaminants can activate pitting, which is essentially the dissolving of copper ions into the water flow at spots on the pipe wall and will cause pinhole leaks.

What can you do?

  1. Invest in a Smart Water Security System like FloProtect by Moen that can proactively monitor and detect leaks and even shut off the water. Via its smartphone dashboard, you can monitor and control your water remotely. It can help you save on your insurance and your water bill.
  2. Install Water leak sensor alarms in areas that may experience leaks. This is a much less expensive option to Flo by Moen that you can install yourself.  Depending on your insurance carrier installing these sensors may also save you on home insurance premiums.
  3. Insure your pipes.  Yes, it is possible if your home is located in Washington, Idaho, or Oregon then simply contact The National Water Company at 1-800-790-3201 to enroll in coverage.

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