PEMCO is a lot like you. A little different.representing pemco_logo

What makes PEMCO a little different from other insurance carriers?

PEMCO is resolved to put their customers first. A value that we share at A & M Insurance®. They have a saying at PEMCO “that everyone at PEMCO shares a commitment to doing the right thing.” It is this committment that makes us confident in representing this locally based company that is dedicated to Northwest residents.

PEMCO is different –they know you because they are you. Their company employees “drive the same roads, weather the same storms, share the same neighborhoods, attend the same schools, and support the same charities.”

What else make PEMCO different? PEMCO is a mutual company. What does that mean? It means “they are owned by their customers – not stockholders – so they serve you, not Wall Street.”46

Company History

PEMCO is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. PEMCO currently has about 650 employees, and its current president and chief executive officer is Stan W. McNaughton, the son of Stanley O. McNaughton, who served as PEMCO’s president from 1970 until his death in 1998.

PEMCO was founded in 1949 by Robert J. Handy, a Seattle journalism and math teacher. Handy had first purposed to insure only teachers who were members of the Seattle Teachers Credit Union that he founded in 1939, which later became the School Employees Credit Union of Washington. Handy was one of the first to take advantage of the Washington legislature that was passed in 1936 allowing credit unions to be established in Washington state. His idea was to “create a financial institution with a heart.”

At the time Handy supplemented his income by working for an insurance agency that was owned by a friend. He was able to sell auto insurance to educators who came to the credit union for car loans. In 1949, Handy founded Public Employees Mutual Insurance Company (PEMIC). In 1950, the company was incorporated to become PEMCO, the Public Employees Mutual Casualty Company.

PEMCO eventually expanded to offering insurance to all Washington state residents and then more recently to all Oregon state residents. PEMCO offers home, fire, renters, condo and burglary insurance, boat insurance and automobile collision, comprehensive, and theft insurance. To this day PEMCO offers a special educator discount.

We are proud to represent PEMCO a company with such a rich local Seattle history.

What do PEMCO Customer’s have to say?

Check out some PEMCO Reviews. 83% of PEMCO auto customers would recommend PEMCO to their friends or family. 94% of PEMCO home customers would recommend PEMCO. WOW that speaks volumes.

For the third year in a row PEMCO is celebrating receiving the JD POWER Study Award : “Highest Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in the Northwest Region. PEMCO Insurance received the highest numerical score among auto insurance providers in the Northwest region in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates in the 2013 & 2014 & 2015 U.S. Auto Insurance Study SM. Study based on 45,521 total responses measuring 12 providers in the Northwest Region and measures opinions of consumers with their auto insurance provider.”

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