Progressive’s Snapshot

Snapshot can be a great way for Progressive customers to save and be empowered to earn a discount based on safe driving. Snapshot uses a mobile app or plug-in device to observe a customer’s driving to calculate a personalized rate based on how, how much, and when a vehicle is driven. They measure factors such as hard braking, driving duration, time of day, hard accelerations, and trip regularity. For customers who are participating using the mobile app, Progressive also measures in-hand phone use while driving.

Should you choose the mobile app or plug-in device?

If you have an Apple or Android smartphone and drive at least 300 miles per month, and like the idea of getting real-time trip data on your phone then we recommend using the app.

To be eligible to participate in Snapshot with the mobile app, a policy must have the same number of vehicles as rated drivers.

If you drive more frequently, drive vehicles that aren’t on your policy (i.e. police officer or delivery driver), or drive very few miles each month then the plug-in device is a better fit. However, the vehicle must qualify.  Most vehicles that are 1996 or newer vehicles and that have the OBD data port are eligible for the plug-in device.

How It Works

When a customer signs up for Snapshot with the plug-in device, Progressive sends them a device that plugs into the Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) data port in the
vehicle dashboard. Once plugged in, the device automatically shares driving information with Progressive using a built-in cellular transmitter.

When a customer signs up for Snapshot with the mobile app, Progressive sends them a link to download the app on their phone. Once downloaded, they
must register the app using the mobile phone number they provided when they purchased the policy. Once registration is complete, the app will share their driving information with Progressive.

Snapshot Participation Discount

The initial discount that new business customers get at point-of-sale is guaranteed for the entire first policy period as long as the customer keeps collecting data with a
plugged-in device or through the app on their phone. This initial participation discount could be up to 10%.

The customer must download and register the app or plugin within 45 days of enrollment to prevent being opted out of the program. If the customer does not do this, they risk losing the participation discount mid-term, which will result in an increase in their premium.

When a plug-in customer has completed the driving data collection period, or if he or she opts out of Snapshot, he or she must send the device back to Progressive. Progressive charges a $50 fee to replace the device if it is not returned.


Customers receive a personalized rate at renewal.  Four out of five customers will earn a discount. About 50% of customers earn a double-digit discount (10% or more).

Customers may opt out of the Snapshot program after enrolling at any time during their participation by contacting customer service. If
they had a plug-in device, a prepaid return envelope will be sent to the customer to return the device. If they had the app, they can simply delete it.

The mobile app runs in the background and automatically recognizes when a trip begins and ends. The app is very good at accurately identifying whether or not the participant is a driver or passenger on a trip. If a trip is inaccurately categorized it can be corrected through the app.

The mobile app uses minimal data and battery life. it uses roughly 25 megabytes of data per month It uses 8% of battery life per hour of driving.  If the smartphone battery is very low it will stop collecting data to conserve battery life.

If the customer replaces a Snapshot vehicle with a new vehicle in the future, the personalized driving score transfers to the new vehicle.



The initial point of sale discount percentage varies by customer up to 10%.

Progressive does not reveal the max discount that can be earned.

The participation period is the entire first policy term this is a longer period compared to many other carriers who have 85 -90 day participation periods.

If enrolled with a plug-in device keep in mind the device beeps when you make a hard brake or accelerate rapidly which some people find annoying.

It is possible to earn a discount that is lower than the initial discount.

One out of five customers do not earn a discount and will see an increase in premium based on their driving habits. Progressive calls this a personalized rate based on driving characteristics that the individual can control.

If a customer decides to opt-out after plugging in the device or registering the app the Snapshot Participation Discount will be removed.  If the customer decides to opt-out more than 45 days from the enrollment date a late opt-out surcharge will be applied in addition to losing the initial discount. 

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