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Proudly serving the insurance needs of Washington state since 1979. We work for you. We are your neighbors – we are real members of the Renton & Kent communities and we’re committed to being your advocate in times of need.

Call, e-mail, or stop in today and let us help you!

Our Professionals

Our professionally trained staff has extensive experience and knowledge in the products we offer and how to use those products to benefit and protect you, and the clients we serve. It is our commitment and desire to establish trust and a long-lasting relationship with our clients. This commitment has served you as our customers well throughout the years. If you ever have any suggestions for any improvements in our service, please feel free to let us know.

Even with the continued growth, we have experienced over the years from loyal customers, A & M Insurance® has never overlooked the fact that the satisfaction, protection, and peace of mind of our clients is our first priority. We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning for assistance with their insurance needs.

Staff Bios:

Erica Baker’s Bio

Erica Baker, CISR, ACSR Foodie, Gardener, Dog Lover, & Insurance Agent. Erica has an adorable and feisty Scottish Terrier. She likes to travel with family on camping, fishing, boating, and road trips all over the U.S. She also has traveled to several other countries and wants to see more of Europe.  Erica spends most […]

Tracey Bartel’s Bio

TRACEY BARTEL Musician, Tree Hugger, Gourmand, & Insurance Agent. Tracey got her start in the insurance business in 1995 when she was offered a job at RB Craven Insurance in Ballard, WA. Since then, she has also worked as an agent in Nashville and San Francisco due to her adventurous spirit and love of […]

Christina Bender’s Bio

CHRISTINA BENDER, ACSR Mother, Traveler, Cookie Lover, & Insurance Agent Christina loves history, sunny beaches, reading and traveling, especially to warmer climates.  She has almost accomplished the task of visiting each of the Caribbean Islands and hopes to one day see the pyramids of Egypt.  Chris has lived all her life in Oregon and […]

Armida Castro’s Bio

ARMIDA CASTRO Mother of 4, Avid Reader, Chocolate Lover, & Receptionist Armida grew up in Southern California and lived for a while in Arizona. There are days when she misses the sunshine, warmer weather, and beautiful beaches. However, The Pacific Northwest and Washington have grown on her during the past 12 years, and she […]

Amy Holly’s Bio

AMY HOLLY Mom of 2, Coffee Lover, Seahawks Fan, & Commercial Agent Amy was born and raised here in Western Washington. She is a proud mom of two sons who have both served in the Marine Corps. Amy is a fitness enthusiast who recently obtained a certification in personal training. She is a lover […]

Sandy Marinelli’s Bio

SANDY MARINELLI Mother of 4, Equestrian, & Commercial Account Manager Sandy was born and raised in the state of Washington, the youngest of five children. She attended Tahoma High School and then went on to Green River Community College. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends hiking, fishing, horseback riding or just […]

Stinky the Skunk’s Bio

Stinky the Skunk Riddle-Master, and Agency Mascot Stinky is one smart skunk, not only does he understand why most people don’t like to pay for insurance, he loves A & M Insurance® and riddles. In our monthly e-newsletter, you can test how your brains match up against Stinky the Riddle Master. Stinky has been […]

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