Mother of 4, Avid Reader, Chocolate Lover and ReceptionistPhoto of receptionist Arnida

Armida grew up in Southern California. There are days when she misses the sunshine, warmer weather and beautiful beaches. However, The Pacific Northwest and Washington have grown on her during the past 12 years, and she now considers it home.

Armida takes great pleasure in spending time with her daughters. When the weather permits she appreciates spending time outdoors with her children, and when it doesn’t she likes taking them to movies.

She is an avid reader and enjoys reading many fictional genres such as: suspense thrillers, crime and murder mysteries, and romance. She often spends her lunch break reading and drinking tea.

Armida is adventurous at heart and loves seeing new places and traveling. She has the goal of eventually visiting all of the Hawaiian Islands. She loves trying new foods. Although, it is likely her favorite cuisine will always be Chinese. Armida is also very keen on tea, especially herbal teas.

Armida’s coworkers often remark about her sunny and cheerful and chatty nature.

Armida has worked in customer service for 15 years. She is bilingual and fluent in Spanish. She is currently working primarily as our receptionist. However, we are very excited to announce that Armida obtained her Washington insurance license so she will be trained over time to do more work as an agent.

Armida is excited to be working in the insurance field because she is passionate about her desire to help others. She is looking forward to being able to help clients make wise insurance decisions that will protect themselves and their families.

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