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A & M Insurance Services, Inc. is pleased to be able to represent The Hartford an industry leader in providing property and casualty insurance. Throughout their long history of insuring countless businesses and families, and even individuals like Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln and Babe Ruth. The Hartford celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2010.

The Hartford stag has been their logo from the very beginning. “It serves as a visual expression of what the company stands for – more than 200 years of strength and stability, with a vision for the future.”

The Hartford Brand “Prepare. Protect. Prevail. With The Hartford.SM”

The Hartford brand and their commitment to being ethical and trustworthy and their  “ability to continually make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, whether it’s smoothing the claim process for a homeowner, reducing insurance costs for a small-business owner or helping an older driver safely stay on the road, is what makes The Hartford special” and  is why A & M Insurance Services, Inc. chooses to represent The Hartford. We are privileged to offer commercial insurance through The Hartford.

What sets The Hartford apart?

  • Innovation   The Hartford endeavors to find new and more effective ways to proactively respond to their customers needs. In fact in the past 12 years they have filed for 229 patents, and have over 100 patents. One example is their Customer Loyalty program, through this program they call customers immediately after they file a claim to address any questions or concerns, heading off potential problems. The program is awaiting patent approval.”

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