Insurance for your pipes

Many people don’t realize that water and sewer lines from the main shut-off valve in their home to the city sewer connection are not covered under a standard homeowners policy. More bad news these pipes are not designed to last forever they all will eventually wear out & fail.

Sometimes the lines just get clogged, misaligned, or experience root damage.

So how do you know if your water pipe has blown? Here are some common signs:

  • Yard puddling – water main lines run under the ground and directly into your home; if a leak has developed in the area of your yard, the ground surrounding the leak will become saturated and the water will rise to the surface, creating very soggy areas or puddles.
  • Very high water bill – if you notice a sudden, big increase in your home’s water bill and haven’t increased your water usage, you may have a water main leak.
  • Significant decrease in water pressure – have you noticed that all the faucets and showerheads seem to have a lot less pressure when the water comes out? A significant drop in pressure means a leak has developed somewhere, and if the water pressure loss is across the board, then it’s likely to be a problem with the main water line to your home.
  • Water discoloration – are you noticing that your water has become brown, or that dirt is in it? This can indicate that soil is getting into your water from a break somewhere in the water line.
  • Water around the foundation of your home (slab) – if your home sits on a slab, and your main water line is embedded in the concrete of the slab, a leak can still develop. Because the pipe is encased, the leaking water may escape to the outside of the foundation, where it will puddle.

As a homeowner what can you do?

You may be able to add this coverage via endorsement for an additional premium to your home policy. Give us a call at 425-228-7406 and we can quote you a home policy that includes this endorsement. Or, if your home is located in Washington, Idaho or Oregon contact the National Water Company at 1-800-790-3201 to enroll in Utility Line coverage.

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