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Apartment Building Insurance

Apartment Building Insurance What kind of Landlord are you? Owning a residential rental home can be financially rewarding. Personal Landlord or Dwelling Fire Insurance policies usually accommodate up to a 4-plex on one policy. If you own a property with more than 4 units or more than a certain total number of rental units or […]


Insurance protection for your most valuable asset.


Inexpensive insurance options that make sense for renters.


Condos have special needs — make sure your insurance is right!

Landlord Insurance

Renting your home? Protect yourself with landlord insurance.


Insurance that covers what many homeowners policies don’t.

Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home Insurance – Protecting Arizona, Idaho, Oregon & Washington Is there a difference between manufactured and mobile homes? You have likely heard both terms thrown around. Is a mobile home the same as a manufactured home? If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Most of us still use these two terms interchangeably when we refer […]


Specialized insurance coverage for when an earthquake strikes.

Vacation Home

Are you a Pacific Northwest snowbird? It has become increasingly common for residents of the beautiful Pacific Northwest to search out sunnier, albeit browner pastures elsewhere. Some of us are now spending our rainy winters vacationing in sunny Arizona. If you are a fortunate owner of a vacation home or secondary residence or perhaps you […]

Exterior Water & Sewer Line Coverage

Insurance for your pipes Many people don’t realize that water and sewer lines from the main shut-off valve in their home to the city sewer connection are not covered under a standard homeowners policy. More bad news these pipes are not designed to last forever they all will eventually wear out & fail. Sometimes the […]

Interior Water & Sewer Pipe Coverage

Insurance for the pipes in your home Most people want to know if a pipe within their home freezes and bursts or starts leaking if it is covered by their home insurance policy.  In general, the damage the water does to your home from a pipe that bursts suddenly will be covered by a standard […]

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