Stinky the SkunkStinky the Skunk

Riddle-Master, and Agency Mascot

Stinky is one smart skunk, not only does he understand why most people don’t like to pay for insurance, he loves A & M Insurance® and riddles. In our monthly e-newsletter, you can test how your brains match up against Stinky the Riddle Master.

Stinky has been A & M Insurance®’s agency mascot since 2005. You may be asking why a skunk? Because we have a sense of humor and recognize that it does stink to pay for something you hope you will never have to use, yet we also know that when you need to use your insurance you will be oh so glad you had the right coverage.

Stinky may not be licensed to sell insurance but if you email him for help at he will make sure to put you in contact with an agent who is licensed in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and who will happily answer your insurance questions.

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