PEMCO’s My Driving Discount Program

PEMCO members have an opportunity to save up to 20% with PEMCO’S My Driving Discount Program- PEMCOdometer. If you are insured with PEMCO and decide to participate you will receive an immediate participation discount on your auto policy.

The app analyzes your driving behavior in these areas:

  • Number of miles driven
  • Instances of phone distraction
  • Instances of hard braking and hard acceleration
  • Instances of hard cornering
  • Speeding


Once you download the Go PEMCO app on your smartphone and register for My Driving Discount, then PEMCODOMETER runs in the background and automatically detects and records your trips. Each trip is processed and tabulated, with results usually appearing in the app on your phone a few minutes after you complete your trip.

Each participating driver on your policy will need to drive at least 150 miles and have at least five separate trips recorded by the app over the next 91 days.  After 91 days each participating driver is assigned a personal discount which replaces the participation discount.

Over time the app learns your driving behaviors  You can specify for each trip in the app one of the following labels:

  • I was driving
  • I was not driving

You have up to seven days after each trip occurs to label it in the app. After that, the app confirms the label as determined.


What about privacy?

PEMCODOMETER tabulates information for discount purposes only. After the 91-day monitoring period, it stops logging trips automatically.


If at the end of the monitoring period, you don’t qualify for a discount or receive less of a discount than you had anticipated, you can try again after your next renewal. PEMCO members are eligible to participate in monitoring once per 12-month policy period.

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