Are Your Wiper’s Ready for Fall?

September 21, 2013

September 22nd marks the 1st day of Autumn. Fall is a very beautiful time of year in Pacific Northwest.  However, we also know that this means the cold rainy season is about to begin.

The rainy down pours means slick roads and decreased visibilitywindshield wipers while driving. Which in turn results in many more car accidents and fender benders in the surrounding Seattle area. We can’t stop the rain or make the roads less slippery, however, we can do something to increase visibility and road safety. What is that? Maintain your windshield wipers.

Over time windshield wipers deteriorate and wear out becoming less and less effective at keeping your line of vision clear. In fact it is not using the wipers that wears them out but the sun’s UV exposure and hot summer weather that causes the thin rubber blades to dry up and crack and become ineffective.

Now is the perfect time to check, replace or even upgrade your windshield wipers. You can consult your vehicle’s owners manual to find the correct method for replacing your windshield wipers, and most auto parts stores carry guides to help you find the correct replacements for your vehicle.

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