World Teachers’ Day

October 3, 2013

In 1994, UNESCO proclaimed October 5th World Teachers’ Day. This day was set aside to honor and show appreciation for a profession that is “vital to the healthy functioning of society.”

Can you think back and name all of your elementary school, middle or junior high school, and high school teachers? Most of us can think back and remember most of their names and what we liked and disliked about these individuals, how they positively impacted us, and the moments they challenged how we viewed things. We may not remember all the facts we learned, however, we should acknowledge they helped us develop the skill of learning how to learn.

What about parents? They are a child’s first teachers and have the difficult and important role of shaping most of a child’s values and ethics.

We at A & M Insurance value the teachers and parents in our community and want to express our gratitude. We are also proud to represent a local insurance company PEMCO. A company that was founded by Robert J. Handy, a Seattle journalism and math teacher, in 1949. He had first purposed to ensure only teachers who were members of the Seattle Teachers Credit union that he founded in 1939, and that later became the School Employees Credit Union of Washington. PEMCO eventually expanded to offering insurance to all Washington state residents and more recently to all Oregon state residents. To this day PEMCO offers a special educator discount.

Please take a moment on October 5th to think of the important lessons you’ve learned in life and the individuals who taught you, and how you can teach and help others.  If you know someone who volunteers their time to teach others, it doesn’t matter what it is they teach tell them “Happy World Teachers’ Day” to recognize their efforts.