Summer of Sangria

August 4, 2020

Summer Sangria

Summer Time Sangria

No doubt about it, summer time is sangria time! As a red wine lover and not much of a white or rose’ fan, sangria is a cool and refreshing way to utilize this beloved elixir without feeling left out of the party on the patio.
There are a several different ways to make sangria and none of them are wrong. It’s a matter of personal preference. I like to take the basics and make them into my own using seasonal fruits, flavored brandy and sometimes to spice it up, a stick of cinnamon. I don’t like it overly sweet, so my recipe does not feature added sugar. Please connect with your own inner mixologist and experiment with different fruits and ratios! My basic recipe below can be adjusted to suit your own palate.




Tracey’s Refreshing Summer Time Sangria Recipe


1 750 ml bottle red Spanish wine – Rojo or Tempranillo
1/2 c. brandy ( I use apricot flavored or peach in a pinch)
3/4 c. orange juice
2 c. seasonal fruit cut into smaller pieces using at least 1/2 c. orange with rind on in your ratio
Orange slices for glass garnish


Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher with a few cubes of ice and stir. Fill glass with ice cubes and pour over the top and serve with an orange slice garnish.
You may want to muddle your fruit a little bit to blend flavors before adding liquids. Adding a cinnamon stick or two provides a spicier flavor. If you like it sweeter, add a bit of simple syrup or honey. Pouring a splash of fizzy water into your glass gives a more refreshing and hydrating quality. Lime flavor also works great!


Tracey Bartel – Agent and Gourmand