Stinky’s riddles- April 2014

April 16, 2014

Are You Smarter than Stinky?

Stinky the skunk

Are you smarter than Stinky?

I am weightless, but you can see me.

Put me in a bucket, and I’ll make it lighter.

What am I?


Email your answer to Stinky at by May 14th and if you are correct you will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Starbucks’s gift card.

Solution to the March Riddle was: three socks.

Participants that answered correctly:

Ann Avis, Thais Centenaro, Karen Charley, Dayna Garner, David Liesse, Brian Ludwig, Linda Mock, Mark Smith, Linda Telford, and David Theony.

The winner of the $10 Starbucks is: Brian Ludwig

Brian’s answer was  “The answer is three.  I usually fetch my socks in the dark. Although I rarely end up with a matching pair myself after fetching 6 socks from the party basket. We call it the party basket because it’s were all the singles hang out looking for their soul mate.  :)”

An honorable mention to Trevor Bryant for his incorrect answer. He answered, “One time, all the socks are in pairs already :)”