Seattle Renters Insurance

August 29, 2013

Seattle Renters Insurance

All of us have belongings or property that are important to us – whether it is our furniture, beloved pets, our jewelry, sports gear, or electronics. We all want to have the peace of mind that comes from purchasing Seattle renters insurance or homeowners insurance in Seattle to cover our belongings, no matter how many or few things we own. We want to feel confident that all the things we’ve worked so hard for are properly covered. At A & M Insurance  we will show you the best renters insurance in Seattle or Seattle homeowners insurance policies and options that will protect you, your family, and all your personal property.  Contact us at us at 425-228-7406 and we will help you make sure you’re properly covered.


Why Should You Buy Renters Insurance In Seattle?

Have you ever known a friend, work mate, or family member that has experienced a fire in their home?  Ask around and listen to their story about their experience.  If you had a fire in your home or apartment tomorrow, what would you do?  Where would you go? When you leave your home in the morning, just about all you have are the clothes on your back. What would happen if all your belongings that aren’t with you are gone in an instant because of a fire or a burglary?  Also, what will you do if you are faced with the prospect of replacing all of your prized belongings?
Your Seattle renters insurance policy covers your personal property against fire, theft, and certain types of water damage.  Your coverage is subject to the limits and deductibles you choose before your policy is started. As long as you pay the insurance premium your coverage is in force even when you are at work, away from home on vacation, or anywhere else.  Renters insurance in Seattle pays to replace your property with new items the same as your old ones or at the very least, similar to your old items in case your model or brand are discontinued.  Your policy also can pay for your temporary housing while your home or apartment is being repaired or rebuilt.


Seattle Residents Protect Themselves And Guests

Your renters insurance in Seattle protects you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims and any litigation that may result subject to the limits you select. This helps protect you financially from lawsuits.  In addition, you can select medical payments coverage which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Various limits are available. Aat  A & M Insurance we will help you find the right amount of coverage to suit your individual renters insurance in Seattle. Please call us today at 425-228-7406.


Get Top Coverage With The Best Seattle Insurance Quotes

Whether you are just getting your first home or apartment or downsizing, at A & M Insurance we will help you choose the best renters insurance in Seattle that fits your needs. Give us a call today at 425-228-7406 and we can get you covered immediately. Be sure to think about whether your residence has a burglar alarm, fire extinguisher, or other safety equipment because we will ask you these questions to help you qualify for policy discounts.  Don’t forget there are account credits for you if we package your auto or umbrella policies with your Seattle renters insurance. Bundling your Seattle renters insurance with your auto insurance will more than likely lower your auto rates, too.


Special Coverage Won’t Cost A Lot

Like we mentioned above, whether you’re just getting going, between apartments or scaling down, we will help you pick the best insurance coverage that fits your specific needs. If you have special valuable items such as art, jewelry, antiques, or even collectibles, be prepared to discuss their estimated value because we will ask you about them. If you have any of these type of items we will explain to you the Valuable Articles option which provides broader coverage and no deductible in the event of a covered loss.