Stinky’s Riddles October 2018

October 12, 2018

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 “In English, to the end of what plural noun can you add an s and make it a singular noun”

Email your answers to Stinky by November 9th, 2018 and if you are correct then you will be entered in a drawing for your choice of either a $10 Starbucks’s gift card, or $10 Regal entertainment card.

Solution to the September Riddle A man drives 10,000 miles per year in his car. He changes his tires around so that all 5 (including the spare) get an equal number of miles of wear. How many miles does each tire get?is:

8,000 miles each tire.  There are a couple ways to reach this answer.  One way is 10,000 miles/5 tires = 2,000 miles.  This means every 2,000 miles the tires needs to be rotated so that each tire gets 2,000 miles on each of the 4 wheels.  So 2,000 miles x 4 wheels= 8,000.  So all 5 tires are driven for  8,000 miles.  Another method is 10,000 miles x 4/5= 8,000 miles.

Participants that answered correctly: Jack Ault, BJ Braatz, Randy Clark, Erika Duncan, Delwin Elder, Dan Findley, Samantha Galvin, Ty Galvin. Audrey Kito, Bruce Koch, Dave Liesse, Lyn McKay, Linda Mock, Thomas Myers, Dan Piraino, Grant Robinson, Bob Schellhase, Stanton Simon, Mark Smith, & Michelle Wyatt.

The winner of the $10 Starbucks card isErika Duncan

Thanks for all the participation!!