Charity of the Month – Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation

October 18, 2018

At A & M Insurance, we feel strongly about giving back to the community and support our staff members who volunteer with organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. That’s why we have chosen Serenity  to be our charity of the month for October.

Tracey’s nephew Corbin giving love to Serenity’s resident king, Dante’

Our newest team member, Tracey Bartel is a volunteer at Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation. She and her husband enjoy the fresh air and exercise while out at the farm. It’s hard work mucking stalls, spreading out new bedding, changing out the water buckets and shoveling manure from the pastures. There is so much to do on a daily basis to care for the herd that dwells at Serenity. Some of the horses are permanent residents and others are going through rehabilitation after being rescued from abusive or negligent homes or being trained so they are ready for adoption.  Serenity also offers many workshops and classes from basic horse health care, riding classes and horses used for healing emotional trauma.

Tracey and friend at Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation


It takes a village to care for these magnificent beasts and if you’ve ever had an encounter with a horse, you know how sensitive, intelligent and extremely special they are. We thank you for your insurance referrals and encourage you to keep them coming so we can all support Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation together!


If you would like more information on Serenity then please see:


Tracey’s husband William helps with cleaning paddocks