Stinky’s Riddles December 2018

December 12, 2018

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A harried secretary types four letters to four different people and addresses four envelopes. She puts the letters into the envelopes at random without even looking. What are the chances that exactly three letters will be in the correct envelopes?

Email your answers to Stinky by January 9, 2019 and if you are correct then you will be entered in a drawing for your choice of either a $10 Starbucks’s gift card, or $10 Regal entertainment card.

Solution to the November Riddle “The more you take, the more you leave behind What Am I?” is: Steps

Participants that answered correctly: Samantha Galvin, Audrey Kito, Tami Hinesley, Kevin Huckins, Bruce Koch, Linda Mock, Tom Myers, Bob Schellhase, David Schott, Michael Stufflebeam, Ricky Taing and Christine Webb.

The winner of the $10 Starbucks card is: Linda Mock