Stinkys Riddles August 2018

August 10, 2018

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 I fly without wings, I cry without eyes.  What am I?


Email your answers to Stinky by September 9th, 2018 and if you are correct then you will be entered in a drawing for your choice of either a $10 Starbucks’s gift card, or $10 Regal entertainment card.

Solution to the July Riddle “Where is the prize?”: The silver casket. The statements on the gold and lead casket are opposite so one them must be true. Since only one can be true the statement on the silver casket must be false and therefore contain the prize.

Participants that answered correctly: Kristen Bobo, Randy Clark ,  Samantha Galvin,  Ty Galvin,  Lyn Howland, Kevin Huckins, Audrey Kito, Dave Liesse,  Eric Miyamoto, Linda Mock,  Danniell Nadiv, Dan Piraino, John Redl, Jesse Robertson, Karen Scaffidi, Shanice Stahl, Kayla Wyatt and Michelle Wyatt.

The winner of the $10 card is: Shanice Stahl