Ridwell’s Sustainable Recycling Comes to Renton!

June 30, 2020

Ever wonder how to get rid of recycled items that don’t belong in your weekly pickup? Well, there is a solution to many of those problems and that solution is RIDWELL! ID 17643647 © Ariwasabi | Dreamstime.comI’ve personally been campaigning to get enough residents to sign up to include Renton in their pick up area and that day has finally come! Each time I have to throw a plastic item in the trash I cringe, so having a service that will pick it up gives me a little piece of mind…little or big, I’ll take it!

Ridwell is a sustainable recycling company that comes to your home every two weeks to pick up items such as soft plastics, light bulbs, batteries, clothing, shoes, fabrics and pillows, and a monthly rotating recycle category. Each month you can get rid of your clutter by donating unwanted items such as eyeglasses, electronics, art supplies, books, holiday lights or school and office supplies that can help others. Another great thing about Ridwell is they will take larger items such as bags of Styrofoam, packing material and expired car seats. They also partner with many charitable organizations such as Refugee Women’s Alliance and NW Lions Club.

To celebrate coming to Renton, they are partnering with NW Harvest for a food drive pickup on Friday July 3rd. A & M Insurance is passionate about feeding hungry families and we are just wrapping up our summer food drive for NW Harvest. Please continue to care and sign up with Ridwell for their home pick up on July 3rd and continue with their wonderful recycling program.


Thanks so much for participating and sharing the love!
Your Loyal Tree Hugging Agent,

Tracey Bartel