How to kitty proof your tree

December 13, 2012

If you celebrate Christmas and have a cat and a tree then you may have a disaster waiting to happen. Your cat is probably obsessed with your tree.

Bobby-the-cat-with-green-eyes-a29150800 creative commons

1) Consider what type of tree you want.  A real tree could be more dangerous than an artificial tree because the needles on a real tree are sharper and may harm your cat.   Pine needles may make your cat sick if eaten or chewed.

2) Pick a proper place. Find a location that has plenty of free space around it so that your cat can’t use furniture and shelves to jump from

3) Set up a sturdy base for the tree.   Make sure your base will hold the tree steady even if  your cat jumps at it.

4) Spray the tree.  Try using Bitter Apple or a citrus spray to deter the cat.  Citronella oil may work on an artificial tree.  Once you have set up the tree  allow the cat to investigate.  Have a spray bottle full of water ready so that if your kitty starts to play with the tree you can spray your cat with water and say “NO!”.   This may help to train the cat to leave the tree alone.


Don’t forget to water the tree!!

A dry Christmas tree takes only seconds to become fully engulfed in flames.

However, a wet tree will not burn.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration,  Christmas trees account for 240 fires each year, resulting in 13 deaths and more than $16 million in property damage on average.

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