Grand Prize Drawing Winner

May 13, 2014

Smidget rescue profile picture

Announcing Ashley Tomlinson as our May 2014 Winner

Grand Prize Drawing Winner of $590 donation to Charity

Ashley has selected Smidget Rescue of Auburn, Washington


Thank you Ashley for introducing us to such a great local organization. We want to tell you  a little about Smidget Rescue. They specialize in finding homes for small dogs under 25 pounds, like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Poodles, and mixes of all sorts. Their name is a play on “Super Midgets!” Smidget Rescue is a small organization with one founder and several volunteers. They have found what they refer to as  “happy forever homes” for over 500 dogs since their inception in 2012 making their adoption rate about 1 dog every day of the year!
Dexter a Smidget rescue dog that was adopted.

Dexter a Smidget rescue dog that was adopted.

Their dogs mainly come from high kill shelters in California. The homeless and forgotten dogs.  They pride themselves in making perfect matches for families and their dogs. They don’t do same day adoptions because they believe  both the dog and the family have to be cohesive. They want to make sure their dogs will be happy in their new homes and their adoption process ensures that.  The adoption applications do not bind you to a dog . They have the applicant answer some simple questions such as “do you have a fenced yard” and lists their references. A meet and greet is usually done at a local dog agility park or at the rescue. They ask that the applicant to bring all the members of the family that will live with the dog, including other dog siblings. They want to see how everyone in family interacts with the dog.  This usually takes about an hour. After the meet and greet, if the applicant wants to adopt,  they call their references. If the references check out, they ask to do a home visit. During the home visit, they check out the yard or patio and where the dog will live. they are usually willing to leave the dog that same day. At the home check, the applicant fills out the adoption paperwork and pays the adoption fee. It is very important that to them that their dogs get a happy forever home, so trial periods are sometimes granted. If for any reason the dog is not working out in  the applicants home they are happy to take it back into rescue.  However, the adoption fee and any costs that you have incurred during the ownership of the dog are not refunded.

If you would like to adopt a new friend, please contact: to request an adoption application and start the process!
We at A&M Insurance were very happy to give $590 to help this great local organization.