Stinky’s Riddle’s May 2023

May 12, 2023

Are you smarter than Stinky?

I love to dance and twist and prance, I shake my tail, and as away I sail, wingless I fly into the sky. What am I?

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Email your answers to Stinky by  June 9th and if you are correct you will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Starbucks gift card.

The April Riddle, “A man commits murder. A judge condemns him to death, then tells him to pick one of three rooms for his execution. The first room has a raging fire. The second room has a firing squad. The third room has hungry lions that have not eaten in three years. What room does he choose?” The answer is room 3 because lions that have not eaten in 3 years are no longer alive.

Participants that answered the March Riddle correctly: Jack Ault, Dotothey Caniparoli, Karen Charley, Randy Clark, Erika Duncan, Rory& Mary Friel, John Hartle, Audrey Kito, Tom Myers, Jim Norlund, John Redl, Bob Schellhase,  Dave Serfling, Joanna Szabo, BJ Teske, and Jon Wyatt.

The riddle-drawing winner is Dave Serfling!

Congrats Dave!!