Stinky’s riddle’s – February 2013

February 27, 2013

Are you smarter than Stinky the Skunk?



Riddle of the month:

What does man love more than life?
Fear more than death or mortal strife?
What do the poor have, what the rich require,
And what contented men desire?
What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save,
And all men carry to their graves?



Email your answer to Stinky at by March 15th and if you are correct you will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Starbucks’s gift card.

Last month’s riddle:

You can have me but cannot hold me;
Gain me and quickly lose me.
If treated with care I can be great,
And if betrayed I will break.
What am I?

Solution to January’s riddle was:  trust.

Participants that answered correctly: 

Ann Avis, Trevor Bryant, Olesya Buntylo,  and Karen Scaffidi.


Winner of  $10 coffee card drawing:  Ann Avis