Keeping Your Home Pollen Free

April 10, 2019

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April showers bring May flowers and the start of pollen season! Trees are starting to bud and flowers gloriously blossoming. Tissue wipes and allergy medication are added to the top of your shopping list!

For those who are pollen sensitive, here are a few tips few good ways to help keep your home allergen free during the most beautiful time of the year!

Keep Doors and Windows Closed – Even though it’s tempting to let that nice warm Spring breeze billow your curtains around, this is a great way to fill your home full of itchy pollen.

Take Off Shoes and Outerwear in Entry Way and Leave There – This keeps anything stuck to you from outside near the door and not all through the house.

Brush or Wipe Off Fur & Feet of Pets Before They Enter Home – When Fido or Fluffy want to come in from being outside, this prevents them from sharing unwanted pollen with the family.

Wash Your Hair When You Come Home for the Evening – Hair collects all kinds of allergens when we are out in the world, so your pillow will become covered in it. If you aren’t a chronic hair washer, a knit cap or scarf with your hair tucked in will do the trick.

Vacuum Often & Empty Bag Outdoors – Yes, it’s kind of annoying to do this, but you don’t want anything that bag has in it free to invade your air space!