July 2019 “Give Back” Referral Rewards

July 11, 2019

We would like to thank the following people for referring to us in June:

  1. Linda DabelsteinGive back LOGO. to represent our efforts to support local charities.
  2. Yangsheng Fu
  3. Karl Johnson
  4. Beth Kinuthia
  5. Rebecca Mitsui
  6. Mary Jane Murphy
  7. Armando Obien
  8. Sandra Robb
  9. Igor Shtokalo
  10. Katrina Stuckey X2

Each of the referrers will receive either a $10 gift card. A matching $20 donation for each June referral totaling $220 donated to the Northwest Harvest to coincide with our annual Close the Summer Meal Gap Food Drive  ends July 31st.