February 2016 “Give Back Referral Announcements”

February 13, 2016

We want to thank the following people for referring to A&M during January:

Money tree iStock


Yong Ie

Dale Jenson

John McRoberts

Mark Wilson




Thank you for all the referrals!   Your referrals are the best compliment you can give us.

Congratulations to our monthly drawing winner John McRoberts.   We are pleased to announce that he asked that the $100 prize money be donated to the Soup Ladies.  

Each of the referrers will receive either a $10 Regal Entertainment card or $10 Starbucks card. A matching $40 donation was given to support our charity of the month the Maple Valley Special Athletics.

Washington State OIC has made a recent revision and  clarification on their rules for contributions to charities. Due to this revision we can no longer do drawings and have the winner choose a charity and contribute to that charity in honor of a referrer.

From now on  we will choose a charity of the month and then for every referral we receive during the month we will donate $20 to that  charity, and send a $10 gift card ( Starbuck’s or Regal Entertainment) to the referrer.

Our February charity of the month is going to be Make A Wish Alaska and Washington.