August 2019 “Give Back” Referral Rewards

August 12, 2019

We would like to thank the following people for referring to us in July:Give back LOGO. to represent our efforts to support local charities.

  • Shelly Anderson
  • Pilar Dennis
  • Will Flink
  • Mickey Mclavey
  • Jeffrey Poe
  • Mike Skagen
  • Katrina Stuckey X 2
  • Harumi Toshi
  • Matt Varelia
  • Melissa Williams


Each of the referrers will receive either a $10 gift card. A matching $20 donation for each July referral totaling $220 donated to the Northwest Harvest to coincide with our annual Close the Summer Meal Gap Food Drive  . The Food Drive ended on July 31st. We are happy to announce that  in total we beat our $500 goal and raised $615 and 20 pounds of food.


A special thank you to those who donated to the Food Drive:

  • Paul Apple
  • Kristine & Anuj Atri
  • Bill & Tracey Bartel
  • Fawn Coussins
  • Mark Gardner
  • Dwight Gaut
  • Rebecca Mitsui
  • Kathy Nordgren
  • Andy Rogers
  • Kelly Rudhe
  • Chieko Watanabe
  • Greg Wilson
  • Kinetic Physical Therapy
  • Anonymous

Thank you for you generous support.  All the donors were entered in a drawing fro a $25 Starbucks card. The winner was Paul Apple.